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      Qifa Hydrogen Energy is one of the industry’s two biggest fuel cell events

      To build the first platform of hydrogen fuel cell exhibition and conference

      Hosted by

      The Hydrogen Branch of CAPID

      Fuel Cell Special Committee of CERS

      Fuel Cell Branch of CEEIA

      National Fuel Cell and FBSS

      National Energy Industry HTFCSS

      CEVS Branch of CCTA


      Canada Hydrogen and FCA

      Power Cell Branch of CIAPS

      SCAHT of China Environment Federation

      Hydrogen Energy Federation and SVRI

      Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua

      Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy and FCA


      Houpu Clean Energy Co.,Ltd.

      Chongqing Naide EEI Co., Ltd

      Ujiete EPT Co., Ltd

      Beijing Tianhai Industry Co.,Ltd

      Sinoma ST(Chengdu)Co,.Ltd

      The 718th Research Institute of CSIC



      Beijing Qifa Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd


      Now the world has entered a new era of great energy transformation, and the development and use of clean energy is an irreversible trend.Hydrogen energy is the recognized clean energy in the world.The Outline for Building a Strong Transport Country issued by the CPC Central Committee and The State Council clearly requires: optimizing the transport energy structure and promoting the application of clean energy and new energy;We will promote the use of clean energy and new energy transportation equipment and complete sets of technical equipment.With the deepening of China's energy revolution and the progress of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the technology of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will usher in a new pattern of development during the 14th five-year Plan period.

      The "Made in China 2025" and other strategic plans have made it clear that fuel cell vehicles should be vigorously developed.To better promote international cooperation in the field of fuel cell technology popularization and application, research and demonstration by the the Hydrogen Branch of CAPID, China Energy Research Institute, the fuel cell branch of China electrical equipment industry association branch of fuel cells, clean energy transport branch of China transportation association hosted the "2023 the 8th China international exhibition of the hydrogen and fuel cells and hydrogen station equipment and industry development Forum" will be held on April 27 to 29, 2023 held in China international exhibition center (new hall).At the same time, the 24th NGVS China exhibition and forum will be held at the same time. They are the best platform for display, visit, exchange and study, with overlapping influence, complementation and resource sharing.It is expected that more than 400 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 50,000 square meters and an audience of more than 26,000 people. We sincerely welcome you to visit and guide us!

      Forum: The 8th China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles and Hydrogenation Station Industry Development Forum in 2023.

      The forum will invite: United Nations Development Programme, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Transportation, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, University of Science and Technology, University of Communications, China Automobile Industry Institute, China Automobile Industry Center, China Shipbuilding, Shenhua Group, Automobile Manufacturing, Hydrogenation Station Construction, Hydrogenation hydrogen production Equipment Company, fuel cell manufacturing, Hydrogen energy Park, refrigeration equipment manufacturing, petrochina, Sinopec, logistics companies, investment and financing institutions, domestic and foreign industry associations Leaders of the conference, scientific research institutions, hydrogen energy industry experts, major users of hydrogen energy and fuel cell purchasers and exhibitors participated in the forum.

      Reasons for Attending

      The exhibition and the industry's most influential "2023 24th NGVSChina" and "the 8th HEFC" were supported and cooperated by the Hydrogen Energy Branch of China Industry Development Promotion Association, and jointly hosted by six well-known industry associations. Supported by the government and a number of scientific research institutions, far-reaching influence! 

      "The 6th HEFC" Forum has more than 30 speakers, attracting more than 1000 industry experts, enterprise executives, equipment manufacturers, major users of the industry, scientific research institutions and other industry professionals to attend and discuss the development of the industry. 

      Big names in the industry gather: Houpu Corporation, Chongqing Naide, YOU JIE TE, Censtar Hydrogen, CIMC Enric, Xinxing Energy, CSIC 718 Institute, PDC, Ballard, Hydrogen Pu Innovation, Zhongding Hengsheng, Suzhou Jingli, Continental Hydrogen Production, Sinoelectric Fengye, Sinoma Technology, Tianhai Industry, Hengjiu Machinery, Jiangsu Xingbang, Howden, and other domestic and foreign industry leaders gathered together, Showcase the latest products and technologies in the industry. 

      The opening day of "2023 24th NGVSChina" and "8th HEFC" will be covered by CCTV4 China News Channel, People's Daily Online, Xinhua News Agency website, China Energy Net, China Auto News, AutoHome and other professional media in the industry, and broadcast on CCTV4 China News channel. 

      The whole industrial chain platform of domestic hydrogen energy and fuel cell and hydrogenation station equipment, the exhibition not only covers the industrial chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transport, hydrogenation, fuel cell and hydrogenation station equipment at home and abroad, but also will seamlessly connect with equipment manufacturing, energy and automobile enterprises, gathering industry giants, and business opportunities everywhere. 

      The influence of the two theme exhibitions and forums is superposition, complementing each other, sharing resources and sharing massive audience resources. The 8th China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel cell Vehicles and Hydrogenation Station Equipment Exhibition in 2023 will become the first platform for industry display, procurement and communication.

      Conference Schedule

      Preparation:Apr 25th -26th , 2023(8:30 – 17:00)

      Exhibition:Apr 27th -29th , 2023( 9:00 – 17:00)

      Forum Schedule

      Preparation: Apr 27th -28th , 2023, 27th 13:30-17:00, 28th whole day

      Address:Room 201 south (over 800 people), China international exhibition center(new hall)

      Scope of Exhibition

      (1)Hydrogen Production Equipment Technology and Hydrogen Supply: equipment and technology for production of hydrogen; reforming equipment /technology; diverse hydrogen production equipment/technology (steam reforming of natural gas, hydrogen production by methanol cracking, hydrogen from coal, production of hydrogen from water electrolysis, production of hydrogen by chemical, production of hydrogen from renewable energy etc.); hydrogen corporation; hydrogen supply corporation; methane/propane/ethane/methanol; pure hydrogen; synthesis of hydrogen; mix hydrogen; gasoline/kerosene/solvent oil; hydrogen gas detection equipment.

      (2)Hydrogenation Equipment: Hydrogenation reaction kettle, hydrogen pressure digestion vessel, Hydrogenation reactors, high pressure heat exchanger, high pressure separator, hydrogenation heater, hydrogen desulfurization device.

      (3)The Hydrogen Storage and Related Equipment: Hydrogen storage tank, hydrogen sensor, distributor, hydrogen storage alloys, related materials of hydrogen storage ,hydrogen pipelines ,pump, valve, special transport vehicles etc; the related equipment :gas turbine/steam turbine, inverter/converter, absorption -type refrigerator, other related technology equipment , purified water manufacturing equipment, grinder /distributor/mixer, cleaning equipment, melting furnace /drying furnace/firing furnace, computer-aided manufacturing etc.

      (4)Fuel Cells System and Application Achievements:PEMFC, AFC, MCFC, SOFC, PAFC, PBI-PEMFC, DMFC,MAFC and other fuel cells system and its production; hydrogen internal combustion engine etc; application results included: communication base station (emergency power supply/backup power supply), mobile phones and special market, other applications etc.

      (5) Key Components and Supply-end Technology: electrode/catalyst, membrane electrode assembly, other cell materials, gaseous diffusion film, isolation membrane, heat utilization /thermal technology, gas-eclectic system, radiator, heater, hot water storage tank, heat exchanger, technology supplying: valve/connector, chemical oxide, compressor, carbon nano-tubes, pump, blower, other related technology production; evaluation/test/analysis: single cell test equipment, electronic load instrument, hydrogen sensor ,gas analysis equipment, analysis soft(structure, thermal, electromagnetic, fluid, noise),electrical characteristics evaluation, material testing instruments, cell side-equipment.

      (6) Hydrogen Stations Equipment: hydrogen vehicle transport cylinder group, hydrogen gas metering devices, hydrogen compression system, hydrogen storage system, sale system, control system, liquid hydrogen transport vehicles.

      (7)Liquid Chemical Manufacturing: purification equipment compressor, expander and liquid equipment ,storage and purification instrument, cold box heat exchanger.

      (8) Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles: hydrogen fuel cell buses, commercial vehicles, family cars, light truck, special vehicles, engineering vehicles.

      (9) On-vehicles Hydrogen System:hydrogen pressure reducer, pressure switch, cycle pump, analysis instrument , transfer instrument, flow meter , instrument etc.

      (10) Integrated Display: hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen patents and transfer of patents achievements, hydrogen demonstration area, hydrogen area, college and research institution etc.

      Booth Rentals Standard

      (1)Participate fee

      Basic price for open space : (with an area for 36~150 m2)

      Foreign enterprises : 380 USD/m2

      Joint ventures : 2,000 CNY/ m2

      Basic price for open space : (with an area over 150 m2)

      Foreign enterprises : 360 USD/m2

      Joint ventures : 1,800 CNY/m2

      Deluxe Standard booth: (3mx4m;3mx5m)

      *note: This booth bundles a free 140*210mm leaflet in the official exhibition directory and a NGVS magazine leaflet

      12m2  two open sides: 

      Foreign enterprises: 6,600 USD 

      Joint ventures: 30,800 CNY

      12m2  one open side: 

      Foreign enterprises: 5,600 USD

      Joint ventures: 27,800CNY 

      Standard booth: (3mx4m)

      12m2  two open sides: 

      Foreign enterprises: 5,000 USD

      Joint ventures: 22,800 CNY

      12m2  one open side: 

      Foreign enterprises: 4,600 USD

      Joint ventures: 20,800 CNY

      Standard booth furnished with

      Exhibiting place; a 2.5m high partition plate; a company name fascia board; a carpet with an area of 12 m2; 1 information counter; 2 chairs; 1 power source socket (220v); 2 fluorescent lamps (add a glass round desk and 4 chairs for deluxe Standard booth exclude above)

      The open space rental includes: 

      Exhibiting place, security, cleaning services (exclude management fee of 41-55yuan/m2)

      (2)Forum fee

      The forum will have more than 30 authoritative and well-known experts at home and abroad to give speeches, and exhibitors can apply for the forum speech and technical exchange voluntarily. It is RMB60,000 for domestic enterprises and USD15000 for overseas enterprises, and the time is 20 minutes (each forum speech enterprise can give 4 free forum tickets).


      1. Organizer Sponsorship:

      Diamond sponsor: RMB 200,000, gold sponsor: RMB 150,000, silver sponsor: RMB 100,000 

      2.Printing Material Sponsorship(printings on card straps, badges, tickets, invitation letters, handbags)

      Main Sponsor: 100,000 RMB    Co-sponsor: 50,000 RMB

      Note: Sponsors will get promoted in all activities concerning this session of exhibition and conference, please contact the organizing committee for more information.

      (4)Exhibition Journal and Other Advertisements

      The exhibition journals not only get passed around among visitors, administrative departments and related associations during the exhibition session, they also circulate through the whole industry and major authorities at home and abroad. (A brief company profile within 200 words from every exhibitor are requested for the Journal)

      Exhibition Journal


      Back Cover

      Front cover and Inside   front cover

      Inside   back cover

      Crossed colored-sheet

      Inner colored-sheet








      Plastic bagRMB25000 /ten thousand

      Visitor guideRMB10000 / advertising space

      Advertising board: RMB1000/m2

      Participation Procedures

      Fill in the booth application form, stamp it and mail or fax it to the organizing committee.Pay the exhibition fee (50%(deposit) or full payment) by telegraphic transfer or submit to the organizing committee within one week after applying for the booth. Transportation of exhibits, accommodation of representatives and other matters will be subject to the exhibitor manual

      Plan do promotion in more than 100 international media

      China Hydrogen Net, Hydrogen gas networks, China Fuel cell network, Energy-saving and New energy vehicles network, China Buses network, China dynamic network, China Petrol station network, China industrial gas network, China Compressor network, China Auto information network, China gas information network, China gas equipment, China Auto information and consultation network , China Auto network, World Petroleum network and advisement compressor magazine and other relevant media release advertising content.

      The Organizing Committee Secretariat 

      Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

      Address: C-1301 Room, Ocean International Center, East 4th Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

      Contact: Luo Jian


      Mobile:+86 13683386368

      E-mail: qifa5188@126.com

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